Brother Erasmus Greerson

A Morrite, and Priest of the Gardens of Morr at Marienburg


Brother Greerson is old and portly, a deceptively unassuming man. Beneath his girth and quiet demeanor seems to hide something altogether different.

As a disciple in the Cult of Morr, Greerson saw much of the Empire, including many things that would send even the most steadfast of souls to quaking. His journals, hidden beneath his bed at the Temple of Morr in Marienberg, detail his adventures, and the many unholy creatures that Morr himself sent him to document and dispatch.

Another memento of his time as a pilgrim was his weapon, a mace carved out of black ashwood. The head of the mace is a skull, and its long grip is inlayed with a twisted braid of rose stems. He has since gifted this weapon to Initiate Annegret, knowing that it will serve her well in her duty to Morr.

Brother Erasmus Greerson

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