Althenian Brightknife

High Elven Merchant


Althenian traveled to Marienburg over a hundred years ago and built for himself what has become a very powerful shipping company, one that sees great galleys travel all over the Old Empire, and even to that beautiful and distant pearl that is Ulthuan, the home of the High Elves.

Althenian is beautiful, in much the way that many High Elves are beautiful: long of limb, thin and lithe, but that beauty has started to show it’s age. His hair was once golden blond, but in his middle years has now faded to the yellow-white of clouds. Wrinkles rise around his amber-coloured eyes.

He wears simple working clothes most of the time, not anything like the fine silks that many High Elves back home would wear. Though he almost always travels with his own personal body guard at his side, Althenian is also always armed with Dawnbreak, his family’s ancestral sword.

Althenian Brightknife

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